On the day of your appraisal inspection, please be aware of the following:

  • Accessibility: Appraisers are very detailed in their inspections – all rooms must be available for inspection. We recommend that all areas of the home are accessible, especially the attic and crawl space.    Photos will be taken , per lender guidelines
  • Secure all pets and animals
  • Make sure smoke alarms are located and functional in each bedroom and hallway outside the bedrooms per California State Law
  • Make sure you have a Carbon Monoxide Detectors functional on each floor
  • Make sure you water heater is double strapped (you may also want to explain that it should also be vented properly and explain that....) per California State Law
  • Have permits, if available for any work done in the last 10 years
  • FHA Inspection:
    • Make sure all utilities are on and functional / appraiser will test each
    • Make sure oven and stove are functional
  • Please tell us if you have any unpermitted living space or unpermitted buildings?
    • We comply with FHA and/or Lender guidelines and make sure there are no health and safety issues with the structures and that the structure appears to be completed in a workmanlike manner

We recommend you have these documents, if available, ready for the appraiser:

  • Last MLS listing of the property
  • Sketch from last appraisal report
  • If you have acreage or live in rural setting, a legal description of the property helps us.
  • Home inspection reports, or other recent reports for termites, EIFS (synthetic stucco) wall systems, your septic system and wells.
  • Please have a list of any major home improvements and upgrades, the amount of their purchase and date of their installation (for example, the addition of energy efficiency upgrades or roof repairs) and permit confirmation (if available).
  • If you are selling the home without a RE Agent, we need a copy of the contract and a list of sales you reviewed before settling on your contract price with the buyer.


  • Please have your most recent HOA statement available. It is very helpful to us
  • Name, Phone and email of your contact person at the HOA Assn.
  • Any information on Homeowners Associations (HOA), including Covenants Conditions and Restriction (CC&Rs) and any fees/dues and additional assessments.